Zver is the fruit of an amazing experience that spanned over a couple of years in the far away land of Australia, a place where human emotions are still raw, where the wild is your friend rather than your enemy, a place where nature is sacred and animals are respected, where fire in itself is a form of art.

I was lucky enough to find this kind of place in the wilderness of Queensland territory, where I have lived with indigenous people from the Aboriginal Australia’s Mainland. Their rudimentary form of art is fascinating and they have taught me their braiding techniques and the way in which leather and stones should be handled.

I then went on refining these skills on several jew­ellery courses in the UK and Romania, where I have learned how to work with metals, especially how the silver needs to be handled and cured in order to get the most authentic, raw product.

Zver could be defined as a way in which I under­stand to wildly combine metals, stones, wood and leather, a way in which I chose to express myself.

I do not think of myself as a designer, but rather as a manufacturer that has learned over the years how to go from conceptualizing a fine piece of jewellery, to choosing the right technique to work the silver, the best suited semiprecious stone and theappropriate braiding procedure.

This experience and the need of genuineness in my jewellery have made me choose the Dacian Draco as the logo, the wolf which symbolizes a powerful instinct, intuition andstrong emotional attachment an animal which guides, helps and protects individuals.

I like to think that wearing the pieces I create would make you feel just like that… powerful, strong and pro­tected as an individual but also belonging to a pack.